Insaafuge Dhathuru – “Occupy Raalhugandu” – 29th Feb – Day 13

MDP’s Inssafuge Dhathuru (translated as ‘Journey of Justice’) – Occupy Raalhugandu – continues non-stop for a 13th night in a row. The atmosphere tonight is vibrant and much more energized than the last few days. So where does this extra energy come from? For those not in the know, tomorrow is the opening of the Maldives Parliament […]

Is Calling for the Resignation of the President Unconstitutional?

This article was originally published as an Editorial in Dhivehi Observer on Wednesday, 9th June 2004, when I we started working with the MDP and the democratic reform movement in the early 2000, triggered by the brutal murder of an inmate in Maafushi Prison and sebsequent attempt of cover-up by Dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. National Security Service (NSS) of  Maldives wants to know how […]