How I propose to manage #FikuryIngilaab in the cloud

On episode 9 of #FikuryIngilaab I made a proposal to undertake a massive workload which I hope would ‘level up‘ the people. As mentioned before, the general population’s poor education levels was hindering progress of democracy activists. The only way to make people make better choices in their personal life and in politics was to educate the people as quickly as possible and do it efficiently.

This left me with only the option of short animated Youtube explainer videos as a tool for the education project. If successful, a simple share of a link would be able to educate a person on any given subject. For it to have the desired impact, it also needs to be in the native Dhivehi language. The education needed to be localised.

If you would like further information on using video as a tool of education, please have a read of this report on Pedagogical benefits of learning through video from the Institute of Learning Innovation (University of Queensland).

Sal Khan of the Khan Academy also explains its benefits and effectiveness in his 2011 TED Talk titled “Let’s use video to reinvent education“.

In the above video I propose to translate to Dhivehi language, multiple large bodies of educational work. They are;

  1. Crash Course
    • Translating Crash Course would enable #FikureeIngilaabu project to build its core educational materials. These materials will form the foundation of the modern education the project aims to provide our audience.
  2. School of Life
    • Translating School of Life would be a quick and easy way to level up the emotional intelligence the people. This is important because increased emotional intelligence gives people the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving.
  3. Wait But Why articles on how to choose the right life partner (Part 1 | Part 2)
    • This is important as it will tackle to solve people making bad choices in their personal lives. Once this point is addressed, I expect knock-on effect on how our families are formed is the expected outcome. This work would first have to be translated and then converted into a Dhivehi language animated explainer video.

Out of the Crash Course catalogue, I would like to further prioritise the translation of the playlist titled “US Government“. It would just simply make sense to first educate people on how modern governments work. The rest of the work then simply would just be easier to do afterwards.

Potential hoops to jump

Any obstacles to getting this work done would be that the respective owners of the work would refuse to allow us to do so. I hope to overcome that obstacle by formally requesting for permission to reproduce the videos in Dhivehi language.

Any help towards getting through any potential red tape to get the work done would be welcome. In the event the original content creators didn’t agree, the project would be forced to make our own original videos taking these proposed video catalog as inspiration. This would obviously be harder to do and would drive up the project costs. Hopefully we will not come to that situation.

Working with collaborators

After my crowdfunding request for volunteers, to work on the project, I now have a 10 person part-time team helping out voluntarily in different capacities. These volunteer team members will be onboarded to the project as full-time paid collaborators as soon as funding goals are met.

Currently the project hasn’t hit its working stride yet, as we go through defining the project more clearly and its scope of work along with how to manage it all.

In order for the #FikureeIngilaabu project to be successful, the team needs to be managed like a hive mind attempting to work on result oriented goals in a timely and professional manner.

Below I will attempt to explain how it will be carried out.

Managing the creative team

I propose to manage the creative team through the Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams product. Its a paid service which is included in the Patreon proposal. This would allow me to manage collaborators on the team through out the project while collaborators remain in their respective locations. Modern media compnies  like VICE are already doing so at much larger scale.

Overview video of Adobe Creative Cloud;

How does the Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams work;

Managing the team in Adobe Creative Cloud is as easy as a few clicks;

Managing documents

Documents for the project are being managed in Google Drive. Docs and spreadsheets are commonly being used to carry out administrative tasks for the project.

To have an understanding of how we do it, please have a look at the overview video of Google Drive Collaboration below;

How the sharing and collaborating tools work (short video);

A detailed tutorial is available here (30 min video);

Managing core team now

Currently the core team is being managed in a Facebook group (private) and WhatsApp group chat. For the needs in the early stages, this is quite sufficient.

How we manage the project on Facebook currently;

Instant messaging for core team

Currently the project is using WhatsApp instant messaging and calling application for all quick communications. We use it for its robust features available for free.

You can check out the technology features of WhatsApp here;

How the core team will be managed after funding

But as soon as the funding starts coming in, the team would migrate to the cloud based project management software Redbooth, which is a paid service.

Redbooth has been successfully deployed in commercial projects by Coca Cola and Starbucks to name a couple. It has also been utilised in non profits, technology companies,  companies and many others.

Check out a case study video below;

Once the project is able to migrate to Redbooth, we are then able to transfer previous managing tasks done on spreadsheets into the Redbooth cloud system.

The webinar below explains the entire project management tool in detail;

You can check out how we will manage the rest of the task in Redbooth on their “How To: quick Tutorials” playlist below;

So if you like what #FikureeIngilaabu project is about and want to support us, check out the project Patreon here on how you can do that. 


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