Raajjé.mv – A Website Review

Poorly designed and badly implemented!


Maldives and being Maldivian – Contemplating on on the implications of being an environmental refugee

As all Maldivian’s, I have been reading a lot lately on the effects of climate change and what that means for the Maldives. The most recent article I read on the subject was “To Escape Rising Seas, Maldives President May Move His Entire Island Nation to Australia” (http://t.co/FDscW2OE). It was a very thought provoking article […]

Premeditated kidnapping with the intent of extortion and killing; a new wave of crime?

I was reading the article about the trial of lawyer Najeeb’s murder on Minivan News (http://minivannews.com/politics/two-suspects-confess-to-killing-lawyer-najeeb-in-court-accuse-him-of-sexual-assault-40221) and had just come to the comments section and came to this interesting comment. “Dhivehi Gaumu on Wed, 4th Jul 2012 1:19 PM A new Frontier for Gayoom era drug gangs. This was a premeditated kidnapping with the intent […]